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    The National are playing two shows at the Troubadour (capacity 400) October 16th – 7pm and 10pm. It’s a benefit. No one has mentioned it, thought I would.

    Of course I’m happy, I have tickets to both shows.


    I’ve been lurking waiting for someone to post about these shows. I’m going to the second one and I’m really wondering what’s going to happen with the line.

    The venue’s website says:

    “What time do people start to line up?
    Please do not line up more than an hour in advance of doors! If you line up any earlier, you may be asked to leave and come back closer to door time.”

    But, I’d assume every venue says that. I’m curious how the double-show thing will work. Can those of us going to the second show line up during the first one, etc.?



    Ah, I knew there would be someone else here that was going!

    If you’re going to the second show and want to be up close to the stage, a good hour to hour and a half early. I don’t think for $150 a ticket they’ll make those attending the 1st show go back outside to line up for the second, but you never know. I bet they’ll have us wait at the bar.

    I have been to the Troubadour many times, great venue in that I could always show up right before showtime and still be able to be up front, albeit to the far side, at any show I’ve seen.

    Can’t wait for this one…



    Oh, and I have the date wrong, it’s 10/16

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