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    If you have a look on the bands facebook page, they post the set lists they’ve been playing in conjunction with each show, so you’re able to get an example length there.

    For a show of their own, you may be looking at around ~26 song, and festival shows can varying depending on the slot, but can vary between a half- full set length.



    The National Fan Club Presale 2019.

    Hello, wondering if anybody can assist?

    The National are playing 2 dates in Glasgow, Scotland. Aug 6th and Aug 7th, 2019.

    Ticketmaster is showing a Presale to “fan club” members beginning tomorrow 10:00 UK time. A click on the Tour Dates page shows that tickets are on sale this Friday?

    I’m wondering how do I get a Presale code, as I’ve signed up to the annual subscription on via American Mary.

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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