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    Excellent show tonight in quite a venue for The National: Verizon Hall at The Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, home of the Philadelphia Orchestra! Great set list, including Karen and Secret Meeting from Alligator, About Today from Cherry Tree, and Rylan, among others! It was a long and energetic show–23 songs total. They went on at 9 and finished just after 11. Matt waded into the crowd twice, and was especially fierce about it the second time. He definitely got the crowd going, which otherwise was relatively sedate–though the entire orchestra section did stand for the entire show. All in all it was a real treat! I remain deeply appreciative of their music and their performing. I’m very glad I drove down from NYC to see them in this venue after Forest Hills, even if I will pay for it tomorrow at work on so little sleep. 🙂


    Nobody Else Will Be There
    The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness
    Walk It Back
    Guilty Party
    Don’t Swallow the Cap
    Bloodbuzz Ohio
    Born to Beg
    I Need My Girl
    Hard to Find
    Secret Meeting
    Conversation 16
    I’ll Still Destroy You
    Slow Show
    Carin at the Liquor Store
    Day I Die
    Fake Empire
    About Today
    Mr. November
    Terrible Love
    Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks


    Agreed about the crowd. At first I was concerned that the lack of energy in the room would take away from the show, but it was fantastic! We were in the front box on Aaron’s side, and everyone around us sat pretty much the entire time except for my husband and me. We were rewarded when Matt came over to us and climbed over the rail in front of us. A crew member actually brought a setlist over to me just before Vanderlyle. I was stunned and it makes you realize that they really do see and appreciate what’s going on in the crowd.

    Flying to Cincinnati tomorrow for Homecoming. So excited that we’re seeing them again.

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