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    Just thought I’d let you guys know, the security question for the registration gave me some trouble; did a google search and found a thread on r/TheNational that showed the fix. (I’m being vague because I don’t know how smart spambots have gotten and don’t want to post the answer to the security question here if that’ll somehow weaken the effectiveness of the security question, you know?)

    Basically, though, the ‘complete the title: mistaken for…’ prompt requires a singular noun rather than the plural, as it ought to be. You might’ve already been aware, but I didn’t see another thread about it and figured you might want to fix that with the recent El Vy release and upcoming tour dates and all potentially bringing in traffic and new members.

    Sorry if I’m repeating common knowledge or stating the obvious or whatever else, but I figured if I found an answer to the problem on the subreddit, then it wasn’t just me being too stupid to beat a spambot checker and I might not be the only one confused by it.



    Thank you! Exchanged a few Facebook messages with someone on the fansite there who said it would get fixed each time, never did. I’ve checked back every so often to see if it was fixed (over the course of a year), happened upon your post. I think the forum admin is AWOL.
    And I love the message, “If you’re having trouble, please e-mail allthewine” without disclosing his email address!


    We have someone external deal with the board itself, someone I currently don’t have direct contact with. However, are free to email me and will d my best to past comments on to the relevant party : bittersandabsolut (A T) gmail (D O T C O M)

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