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    Keep sounds nice…I wish I could make out the lyrics to the chorus…Is it I’m gonna keep you in love with me for a while? Can anyone make them out?

    another uninnocent
    another uninnocent

    Last night I had the opportunity to listening live to the 6 new songs, which was what I was mainly looking forward to for this concert.

    1. Roman Candle
    First of all, that title should stick; Matt was joking about title changing, but this time he should leave it as Bryce (or Aaron?) named it originally. I liked a lot this song in the Treasure Island Festival version, however it has been seriously re-worked: the outro is totally new with a coda that, as last night, sounds a bit bare bones. Bryce’s guitar is still brilliant all along the song. Here’s how it was played:

    2. It’s Just the Lights
    To me this is the best one of the bunch, the melody is beautiful and I find a Boxer-like contained intensity in the way Matt sing it. The guitars are wonderful with the rocking twins finale as a perfect live feature (I’m sure it’ll translate well in studio version).

    3. Sometimes I Don’t Think
    I’m on the fence with this one. I like the darkness and the screamy Matt, but overall it find it somewhat flat.

    4. The Day I Die
    This works live, first time I listened to it I thought of Abel. Not there yet.

    5. Find a Way
    From Bryce’s guitar bridge on, fantastic. All the first part drags, though. I see they’ve been trying to fill those 3 minutes around Matt’s voice, but I think it needs a better build-up. I’m not a fan of the second verse either.

    6. Keep (Prom Song 13th century -I assume this new title it’s a joke)
    Nice chorus, but I don’t feel it and I’m afraid neither Matt. A B-side and not among the best by their standards.


    Why the hell would they take out some of Matt’s best lyrics…”Walking through the valley of kings I’m always having someone else’s dreams I’m always thinking about useless things I’m always checking out”………wtf this is why I never want to hear songs evolve and rather hear it for the first time on record. I hate when bands do this hardcore fans get attached and let down.



    I don’t really like the new lyrics that much either — I get why they changed it, bc it’s the same general form as songs like Graceless, but the new ones are just really clunky (even the “weed with wine” lyric doesn’t really punch through because Matt’s sung that kind of lyric billions of times before)
    I do like that outro a lot, though.



    Here’s hoping they keep evolving the songs.



    I absolutely ADORE Prom Song 13th Century… I was fortunate to be in the crowd at the Greek in L.A. when they brought Annie out on stage to sing this with them. Of the 6 new songs they performed that night, this was my favorite. I’d slow dance with my wife to this song. I’m interested to hear Matt sing this one octave lower… This has wedding song written all over it.

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