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    Will, 37, in NY. Been listening to them since 04, seen them a dozen times with my wife. Our 13 year old is coming to see them with us this tour.

    Five favorites would be:

    City Middle

    Baby we’ll be fine


    Bloodbuzz Ohio

    Racing Like a Pro



    I’m Jason. I live in Austin, TX. I am 34. I was on the prior forum with the same name and little participation.  I have seen the band live 7 times.



    Hello everyone,

    My name is Tualla and I’m Canadian.  Seen the band a number of times and got hooked on the 1st album about a year after it came out. Posted on the old board as Guided By Vodka, but I’m trying sobriety this year by grabbing a new handle from my favourite Songs:Ohia album.

    Cheers, err, welcome, to all the new people.



    Oh, you were Guided By Vodka…

    Hello again then !




    Thanks Helene – good to see you here!



    Hello everyone,

    My name is Stephen and I’m Irish. I’v been lurking around here reading everything you guys have to say for quite a while, and I felt it was finally time to join, what with the new board and all :).

    I got hooked on The National about 18 months ago when I stumbled upon terrible love. I consequently bought and fell in love with HV, and from there quickly bought everything, all albums, e.p.s, extended editions, the post HV singles, downloaded unreleased b-sides etc.

    Anyway, I’m glad that I’v finally come to my senses and joined the forum and am really looking forward to anticipating the new album with you all 😀



    big slice of lemon

    Mark, 23, Northern Irishman living and working in sunny Scotland. Registered on the old boards many moons ago, but rarely, if ever, posted. Fell in love with the band immediately prior to Boxer, have since invested more time and effort in hoarding and following (not in the sinister way, mind) everything TN than I care to think about or admit.

    So yeah, hello you lovely sods.


    Hi, I’m Krista in Toronto. Can’t remember my user name on the old forum:)  but wasn’t around for the last year or so. I’ve been a fan since around Alligator and their 2005 show at the Horseshoe. This year should be exciting, can’t wait for new album!



    hello, i’m Sofia, i am 20 years old and i’m from Portugal. I fell in love with the band in 2007 and i’ve seen them live two times. i can’t wait for the new album. thanks.


    I’m Mehaf, an engineering student from Brisbane, Australia.

    I first listened to a couple of songs from Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers at the end of 2004 after reading a review. I was intrigued. Then a few months later when Alligator was released, I was completely hooked. It was one of the first three albums I’d ever bought with my own earnings, and honestly, the best one I’ve ever bought.

    I’ve seen TN three times and they’ve never failed to disappoint. Incredibly amped for the new album and, hopefully, a subsequent Australian tour.


    Hey All. I’m Bre. I went by LetItBre on the last forum go round…

    I’m 26 and from Detroit.

    I’ve seen the band three times, once in Toronto, once in Detroit and once in Cincinnati for Music Now/The Infamous showing of Summer Lovin’ Torture Party.

    I’m so freaking excited for a new album and tour my head is spinning!



    Hi All!

    I’m Paul, originally from Maryland, and currently live in northern California. At complete random, back in early 2008, I was walking down Pitchfork’s “Top 50 Albums of 2007“, and I came across “Boxer” at #17. Needless to say, I didn’t make it to #18.

    The first time I saw TN was May 2008 in a gymnasium at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania (aka middle of nowhere). It felt like a high school dance until, of course, TN came on stage. Then, my mind was completely blown.

    A couple months later, I caught TN again opening for Modest Mouse / REM. Not many people had taken their seats yet, so I went up to the front row with a friend of mine. The security guard was about to ask for my ticket stub, but then saw that I was probably the only person standing up and singing along to TN. Yeah, I left half-way through REM…

    My cousin from AZ hopped on board and became a fan of TN, so we’ve met up for shows in Philly, DC, and San Francisco. I would say at least 80% of the text messages we send each other are related to TN. Can you blame us!?

    Like many on this forum, I am incredibly excited for the upcoming album and tour. Good times ahead!


    Hi 🙂

    I’m from Croatia, 27 (in couple of days 😉 ).  Fan of TN for couple of years. Even though they’ve been in Croatia 5 times I was never able  to come to concert until thiss summer 🙂 Already bought the ticket! Can’t wait. I have feeling that  i’ve been prepering myself for this concert  a whole life. Presure for the band..haha 😉

    I’m professor but I work in one croatian music label like PR. (not in the one where where we have licence for the TN, unfortunatly 🙁 )

    My above all favorite song of TN is:  Slow Show 🙂

    then: apartment story, fake empire, vanderlyle crybaby geeks, brainy, start a war, daughters of the soho riots, murder me rachel 🙂




    I think everyone wants to work that that one Croatian label – they’re awesome!

    Welcome to the board and see you this summer!



    Long time listener, less than that lurker, and, for now, the latest logger-in-er!
    Another Irishman to join the fray – looking forward to the Marquee in June!

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