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    Hi, just found this message board while looking for a place to ask a few questions 🙂

    I just got into the National in the past year after a friend hooked me up with mp3 of all the albums.
    (Except Sleep Well Beast. Had to buy that one myself. 🙂 )
    And I’m bitter I missed out for so long..

    Anyway, I snagged tix on stubhub last night for the show in DC next week.
    Listed start time is 8. Can anyone ballpark for me when the National will actually hit the stage?
    (There is an opening act.)
    And also ballpark how long their typical set is? We have to schedule child care for the littles.

    Thanks for any info.


    Hi pontneuf, welcome!

    Just based on my own experiences I would say the band might be on at about 9.30? And typical set about 90 minutes or so. Someone else here might be able to be a bit more specific though 😀


    I just saw them on Monday night and that was almost exactly the schedule. The show started at 8. “This is the Kit” was the opener and then the band started at about 9 or 9:30. The show was over around 11ish and we were home relieving the babysitter by 11:30 (after ~30 mins walking to the car/drive home).


    Are you going to give us a gig review, Jimbo? 😀


    I can give you a quick one.

    What I didn’t like: My first time ever seeing The National indoors and it was at a “fancy” seated venue that didn’t have any general admission. The guys were back on their first show since being with their families and they seemed to be a little low on energy. Almost not chatting between songs and it felt a bit rushed.

    What I did like: Of course as always they sounded great. Songs were executed well and it was interesting to see Matt smoking weed throughout the show, but never drinking anything but water (from what I could tell). They played Secret Meeting, About Today, and Wasps Nest, which were all great. Additionally they played most of the songs I love from the new album.

    Overall it was an excellent 90 minute set, but defiantly not the best show of theirs I’ve seen.



    Hi everyone, I’m Alison and I’ve been a fan for about 4 years now, an ex of mine sent me ‘Soho Riots’ and I was kind of hooked from that moment and for that I am eternally grateful to him. I live in England and I saw them live in London in October. They did not disappoint and the set was really tight sound wise with a few surprises.

    Looking forward to saying hello to you all.


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