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    Pinned thread is broken, so I’ll use this for now.

    Anyone have thoughts about the album? On one hand I am disappointed by the direction. It’s very pop oriented, and the production pushes the band aside for too much electronic instrumentation which I feel lacks character. I guess I prefer music performed by musicians to something programmed and polished.
    And I don’t know if they’re using sample replacement or if Bryan has been playing an electronic kit for the past three albums, but I hope to hear a natural drum sound sometime. I want to feel the room.

    That said, there are seven songs on this thing that I think are pretty great. It might be less than half, but I am just glad to have these. In order of appearance: “You had Your Soul With You”, “Roman Holiday”, the title track, “Where is Her Head”, “Not in Kansas”, “Rylan”, and “Light Years.” The rest I am either not fussed on, or don’t think they’ll hold up over time. “Not in Kansas” is up there with their best, though. Especially fond of Matt singing over a lone distant violin for a brief moment in the middle of the song.

    I like the dynamic the guests vocalists add to the album. Gives a bit of a Broken Social Scene vibe which I appreciate. It also makes Matt’s vocals really pop when he jumps back in. Especially on “Where is Her Head”.

    All in all, it’s certainly a weaker outing for The National, but at least their penchant for moodiness and emotion are strong as ever.


    I love the new album, but I see it as a very different beast than prior albums. For me, the new album is the band’s concept album. It’s their Ok Computer. It’s their Misplaced Childhood. It’s their Wall. It’s the story of a character told cinematically, both visually (thank you Mike Mills) and musically (thank you band). Matt has been saying that the film is the story of the main character’s life while the album is the story of this character’s afterlife. He hinted in a recent interview that this central character is Rylan but, to me, Rosey is the main character and Rylan is her son; at least, that’s the way the film depicts the story. Or if the album is the afterlife, then perhaps Rosey is the character’s name in life and Rylan is the name after life. There’s so much depth here; so much emotion. When I look back at The National’s album’s, I see seven albums leading up to this one. Those seven albums were fantastic song cycles, but this one is more than a set of songs. It’s a true concept album in the best possible sense where it’s impossible to analyze it song by song. It’s a true experience best heard start to finish. It tells a story with emotion through music. Few concept albums in history have succeeded in this mission and I Am Easy To Find is truly one of them.



    With every National album I have loved the album instantly. They have always been the artists I can count on to come through with music I love. With I Am Easy To Find I have found it took a few listen throughs to get used to it. I’m finally loving the album. It’s the most different direction I have seen but as an artist myself I understand wanting to try new things and experimenting. I listen to the National every week if not almost every day of my life. Thank you so much for the amazing music to fill my days. It’s crazy that I have never found a song I haven’t liked or loved. My only thoughts on what I would love is more drums, greatest drummer ever! How about a whole track of just the drums or focus on them? Hehe

    another uninnocent
    another uninnocent

    I love the band and I’ve been very attached to their music, but I have to confess for the first time I was rather indifferent about the release of their new album. It´s a while the moments I feel that intense connection with their songs are becoming more and more sporadic with new material, less and less I feel the urgency to communicate either through music or through Matt´s lyrics something relevant. It pains me to say it, and maybe it’s me, but I even have a hard time recognizing I Am Easy To Find as an album by TN, to me it’s a side project in which, for the most part, the female voices make it interesting. Oblivions is a great song, and I like Where is Her Head, Light Years is a beautiful song but not too different to a few other ones in their last two albums, the rest I don’t find it memorable, let´s put it that way.



    I started listening to it today as the vinyl arrived late. I’m in love and I don’t want to listen to anything else for the next two months. Unexpected reaction, honestly; I was thinking I was going to like it since it’s The National but it’s been instant love and I keep looking forward to continue to dissect it. I’ve listened to it five times.



    It pains me to say it, and maybe it’s me, but I even have a hard time recognizing I Am Easy To Find as an album by TN

    I agree, it doesn’t really feel like a National album. If this were El Vy, this would have exceeded expectations. I like the album, but I know that in a week or so when the songs lose their initial emotional punch, I probably won’t return to this very much. But who knows. The songs I listed above that I liked, I like a lot.

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    I suppose I was kinda surprised when they announced this album so soon after wrapping the Sleep Well tour. Maybe that was a red flag. I dunno. It seems like the record is more assemblage of parts that didn’t fit the last album than a proper album in and of itself. To me, it lacks focus and is about 6 songs too long. That being said, there are things that i do like. I made a playlist of the album minus six songs, and it’s not so bad.



    As a noobie to The national(where’s that Noobie thread?) I am so glad to learn how TN fans feel about this album. I was so pumped to get it on Vinyl that I only listened to a few of the songs separately, Light years is beautiful and sounds just like the band I have come to love. I really like Rylan also. These two and You Had Your Soul seem to have come from any of the National’s back catalogue. Listening to I Am Easy To Find in entirety, though, I was so surprised. I agree artists should experiment so as not to become stale, but I was not expecting so many other vocalists on this double record. I love Matt’s vocals and I felt like this album just didn’t give me enough. My husband doesn’t really like chick songs as he calls them and I was so hoping to turn him onto TN by playing this album, but sadly he wouldn’t be able to sit through many of these songs. Some of them I find nice though, I do really like the title track and Roman Holiday. Now thanks to Multiple Mike I am going to re-listen to Not In Kansas and hope that this album is one of those sleeper albums that I will warm up to more later.

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