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    vile bastard
    vile bastard

    Got to say that I approve the direction this board is going.
    With one quick browse I can connect to a man who will sell me a fake passport, fake currency or other form of ID.
    Alternatively a dude who claims to be in Qatar offers to provide certificates that will evidence all sorts of qualifications without ever having to sit an exam or even know fuck-all about what I am newly qualified to spout.
    Bored with that? Then why not examine battery levels on bluetooth headphones & android smartphones?
    The point is people that the site has relied on one person to filter and remove the crap and the weeds that are now starting to rival the genuine content and conversation it was intended for.
    The Forum’s Policeman was/is Logical Harm. She held this forum together without reward or recognition for many years. The band that she served so diligently, promoted ferociously and toured the world watching have taken her for granted and, in so doing, have
    similarly shown their contempt for this vehicle.
    When the forum was launched The National were playing small venues to paltry crowds but there was a connection to the band.
    That time has passed. The group are established and self-sufficient. Now might be an appropriate time to rename the site Corporate American Mary.

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