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    This song is amazing. Obviously. Pretty much every song from this band is amazing. But it’s also Matt’s most honest, like, ever?

    Matt said in 2016 to Rolling Stone: “It’s about marriage, and it’s about marriages falling apart. I’m happily married, and but it’s hard, marriage is hard and my wife and I are writing the lyrics together about our own struggles and it’s difficult to write, but it’s saving my marriage. Not saving my marriage, my marriage is healthy, but it’s good for everything! And so it’s gonna be a strange record, and I’m crazy about it.”

    I know he says the album isn’t about “saving my marriage” but Carin’s name is in this particular song title. These lyrics…

    I was a worm, I was a creature
    I get on the ground the second I’d see you
    You cannot command your love

    Then later:

    So blame it on me
    I really don’t care
    It’s a foregone conclusion
    It wasn’t so bad, I wasn’t that sick
    Got taken by love, I wasn’t that quick
    Foregone conclusion
    It’s gonna be different after tonight
    You’re gonna see me in a different light

    This feels like a big confession? Something bad went down? Something about ‘getting taken by love’ and it ‘not being quick’? My mind is going somewhere but maybe I’m reading into it too much…

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