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    Hi guys,
    this one is for french readers: a novel named after one the band’s song has been released in June 2017, by Vincent Giudicelli, former Blogotheque journalist ( Blogotheque guys are take away show creators. The book was published at Annika Parance editor (Montreal) and can be ordered on Amazon or at any bookshop in France, Belgium and Switzerland.
    The author is clearly a National’s music listener and there are several pages about Alligator and Matt in the last and 4th part of the book.
    The story takes place between Paris, Tunis and Los Angeles, it’s a kind of road trip: a 30 years old painter named Marie seeks for her father and she’s helped by the narrator and a old, junkie, funny sound engineer.
    (The Cardinal in the tittle means the cardinal points, not the bird, since the story is divided into 4 parts: South, North, West, East)

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