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    Please see the bands statement here:

    A few nights ago, we were honored and excited to receive a personal phone call from President Barack Obama, inviting us to participate in the closing event of the Obama Foundation Summit on November 1st in Chicago.
    Of course, we said yes.
    We could not be prouder to support President Obama and his foundation’s goal to encourage and empower young people around the world to create positive change in their communities.
    The event will be live streamed at Obama.org.
    In order to accommodate President Obama’s request, we risked having to cancel our shows in Brussels. But we know how supportive our fans and the people of Brussels have always been to us, so instead we’ve decided to move our performances to one LARGE concert at Forest National – Vorst Nationaal, on 9 November – on sale Wednesday 18 October at 10am.
    Tickets to the 30 + 31 October Bozar shows will be refunded, but purchasers will be emailed by Tele Ticket Service about an exclusive window to buy tickets to the Forest National performance before the general public.
    We look forward to seeing you there!
    – The National



    Whatever people think about the decicion i am just worried about how they will manage two transatlatic trips in a matter of days and then play four shows in a row. Also unless the obama thing is during the day i find it difficult to believe that they can make it to paris if they are in chicago on the 1st. Time difference is 7hrs.


    I’m guessing they’ve scheduled it to either coincide with scheduled flights or will have a private transport arranged (meaning towards the latter).

    The show in Paris is part of Pitchfork, so I also suspect they’ll be scheduled on either mega late (aka wee hours) – i would have though they’d move the day one later, but due to the way the tickets have been sold (main pitch for that day is obviously them), it’s possible, but not fair (but then again, moving the brussels date perhaps doesn’t qualify as ‘fair’ either.)

    It’s such a tight schedule with more long distance than is healthy. So funny, when the tour was announced – as I said in previous thread – I was able to figure out logistics and cost within 30 mins because it was such a nice route, well paced – a line often older and bigger bands take. Apparently it was all too straight forward! (it always is)

    All I can say is – please make sure you stretch on the plane and wear the appropriate socks, boys.

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