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    Best Of records are the devil and are never a real representation of a bands best work. If the band did put one together in reality, they’d put England over Avaliable on it 100%, par example.



    1. The Perfect Song
    2. 29 Years
    3. Slipping Husband
    4. It Never Happened
    5. Karen
    6. Friend Of Mine
    7. Slow Show
    8. Guest Room
    9. Bloodbuzz Ohio
    10. Conversation 16
    11. Heavenfaced
    12. Pink Rabbits
    13. So Far Around The Bend
    14. About Today (White Session)


    If I could have them play me an hour setlist, before I die… it would be this;

    Fake Empire
    Mistaken For Strangers
    Looking For Astronauts
    Cherry Tree
    Slow Show
    Apartment Story
    Theory Of The Crows
    City Middle
    Blood Buzz Ohio
    Tall Saint



    1. Pay for me
    2. Perfect Song
    3. Thirsty
    4.Fashion Coat
    5.Wasp Nest
    6. Cherry Tree
    7. Val Jester
    8. Geese of Beverly Road
    9. Green Gloves
    10. Ada
    11. Santa Clara
    12. Mansion on the Hill ( but oh how I wish I could have 3 or more from the Virginia EP )
    13. Lemonworld
    14. Afraid of Everyone

    Although I like TWFM, I have far more love for the earlier work. It is why I look at the setlists for this tour with awe and jealousy. When I saw them at Massie Hall, and they played Wasp Nest, my knees buckled. Looking at some of these setlists, especially, I think it was the Rome one where they had 90 Mile Water Wall as one of the openers, wow. Just wow.



    Gah! This is hard with the guidelines. I don’t really care for the first two albums…hmm.

    birthday candle
    birthday candle

    Perfect Song
    Pay For Me
    Slipping Husband
    Lucky You
    The Geese of Beverly Road
    City Middle
    Green Gloves
    Slow Show
    Afraid of Everyone
    This Is the Last Time
    I Need My Girl
    About Today
    All the Wine

    Pretty fuckin’ hard.

    birthday candle
    birthday candle

    <div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Rosemary wrote:</div>This is impossible. Can’t only pick 2 from Alligator and don’t want any from SSFDL.

    Ha! My thoughts exactly. However, I played nicely & powered through.


    1. Son
    2. Anna Freud
    3. 90-Mile Water Wall
    4. Trophy Wife
    5. Daughters of the Soho Riots
    6. The Geese of Beverly Road
    7. Guest Room
    8. Gospel
    9. Little Faith
    10. Runaway
    11. Demons
    12. Pink Rabbits
    13. Santa Clara
    14. Tall Saint

    Some positions like selected songs from High Violet, Alligator and TWFM are vague a little but glad I managed to put here at least 4 out of 6 of my most favourite songs.
    I don`t really have favourites from first two albums, they all sound quite good.
    And it was the toughest to choose from Boxer. There was no place for Green Gloves, Racing Like a Pro and Apartment Story.

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