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    vile bastard
    vile bastard

    As is the tradition, I present a list of the 5 albums that floated my boat over this last calendar year;
    1> A Short History Of Decay by John Murry…….
    Back with his first full release since the classic “The Graceless Age” this album is another chunk of Americana angst. I am slightly biased ‘cos I have now call him my buddy.
    2> Zero Moon by David Corley….
    Even better than his first album “Available Light”. A remarkable return following a collapse on stage and a rush to hospital that saved his life.
    3> Sleep Well Beast by The National…..
    Just as I had given up on them ever making another record to equal their early output Matt and his gang turned out nice again.
    4>White Noise by Noah Gundersen ….
    This kid is probably the most prodigious musical talent on the scene bar none. Anyone who has the chance to go see a live show of his should bite off their arm for a ticket.
    5>Land Of Doubt by Sam Baker……
    Remarkable man who should of died when the train he was on in Peru was blown apart by Shining Path terrorist group. A survivor, poet and sage. Look here ….. Peace Out….

    Jimbo, What do you think???

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