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    So now that the TWFM tour is coming to an end soon, I want to ask you guys about something I thought about a little while ago. With the success of TWFM, do you think The National gained enough new fans be touring in arenas on their next tour? We have already seen them testing those waters on this tour, but do they have the fan base to do a whole tour that way?

    Personally, I would hate to see that happen. I was fortunate enough to them 3 times in pretty intimate venues (Academy of Music in Philly, State Theater in Ithaca, and Prospect Park) and I loved how personal it felt. Anyways, what do you guys think?


    No way can they sell out arenas. They just aren’t well known enough to be able to do that. I was at 4 shows in 2013 (Pittsburgh, Columbus, Indianapolis and Louisville) and those were small to medium sized venues. The smaller ones were full but the others weren’t sold out. I would never want to see them in an arena for the same reasons you mentioned.

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