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    I already introduced myself in the dedicated part but I do it again my name is Arnaud, I am 31 yo and I am French.

    I contact you because a crazy idea came in my mind last day and I would like to know if it could be possible to realize it or not. I didn’t know to whom I could address this email so I selected all the emails on The National contact page.

    My girlfriend is a real music fan. This really helps her to escape from her daily routine. And we are real fans of The National since a long time : we saw the group in Luxembourg (at The Atelier the first time and the second at the Rockhal) and we also follow them in Belgium (Brussels for example). We already bought our tickets for their show in London in September (we will be there on Monday 25)

    What I want to ask is quite simple : after 13 years of relationship, a lot of beautiful adventures and also a lot of storms in and outside our couple, we decided to get married on June 3. Which is in almost 1 week. I already gathered some videos of people who couldn’t be there but I am also trying to gathered videos of artists she loves (singers, graphic designers …).

    My Fiancee made her proposal when I was on an hospital bed in Peru after I made a pulmonary edema (it seems we don’t do anything like the others).

    Thanks to music and, especially The National, we manage to deal with all the things and tests life is made.

    So we are getting married and I would like to know if there is any chance that the The National could make us a small video to wish her / us a good wedding and maybe sing a little song on this video (she really like Runaway, Terrible Love or I need my girl but to be honest, anything they want would fit if they take the time to do a video for het ^^).

    I know the artists probably have a lot of things to do, a lot of projects to accomplish but I know nothing could make her happier than receiving a gifs like this one.

    I also know that I deeply love her and I would be sad of not having tried so … now it is done and I deeply hope they will accept (or maybe just a few of them if all the group doesn’t want to do it).

    I wish you a very good day and I look forward to read you answer wishing it will be a positive one.

    Best regards,



    The short answer can be found here: http://americanmaryforum.com/discussion/topic/forum-faq/

    Wishing you all the best, and many long happy and healthy years of marriage.

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